Dogi-Dogi - Easy Pet Waste Clean Up
The easiest and most cost-effective way of pet waste disposal.



what is it?

Dog Poop Disposal Container -  The Safe and Effective Pooper ScooperDogi-Dogi is the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to help dog-owners clean up their pet waste. The hardware concept is simple. It is a green metal container with two integrated bag dispensers and a liner bag. The biodegradable plastic bags, which come on a roll and are placed in the container, are torn off by the pet owners and are used like gloves for easy removal of dog poop. The container has a slot opening at the front for disposal (which is covered by a rubber flap to control odor and flies) and is used to accept the bags.

The whole Dogi-Dogi line is manufactured in Las Vegas, NV, and each part is available for separate purchase and re-order. The hardware is made of 14-gauge cold-rolled steel with paint-lock coating, or cold-rolled steel galvanized and has a powder-coated finish on the inside and outside. It is therefore resistant to most attacks of vandalism, and its color will not fade.

The Dogi-Dogi concept was invented over 15 years ago in Switzerland and is now being used successfully by thousands of homeowners’ associations, campgrounds, RV Park and condominium complexes all over Europe to clean up dog waste. Now Oasis Products, Inc. (incorporated in the State of Nevada on April 16, 1986) has brought Dogi-Dogi to the United States. Cities and Counties nationwide appreciate just how useful Dogi-Dogi is. Not surprisingly, dog owners seem to be much more willing to pick up after their dogs when they have a convenient and hygienic means to dispose the dog waste, rather than having to carry the doggi waste back home.

how does it work?

Dog Waste Disposal ContainerThe procedure is simple. One Dogi-Dogi container is installed for every 30 to 35 houses in your development. When walking their dogs, dog owners take a brown plastic bag from the nearest Dogi-Dogi container. After the dog has “taken care of business,” the dog owner uses the bag as a glove to pick up the waste and deposits it in the nearest container.

By installing Dogi-Dogi, you are providing your homeowners with a convenient and immediate clean-up and disposal tool, which will make it easier for you to enforce your CC&R’s/By-laws. When the streets and sidewalks are clean, homeowners have one less reason to complain! For your convenience, we also offer installation and a clean-up and maintenance service up to three times weekly in the greater Las Vegas area.

Other systems for dog-waste disposal are on the market, but Dogi-Dogi specializes and is the most cost-effective and efficient system. Dogi-Dogi containers are easy to spot and simple to use, which makes it convenient for dog owners to comply with regulations.  A truly safe and effective pooper scooper!

Available in may-green and hunter-green.
Also available in all RAL colors. (Call 702.565.3233 for pricing)

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