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Model 3700SBD

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Model 3700SBD Dog Poop Dispenser Model 3700SBD Dog Poop Dispenser

This is a new line of containers and bags which dispenses bags singly from a wicket rather than from a roll. There are still 200 single bags per wicket, however, they are fastened at the top, similar to a legal pad. Each bag is torn off the wicket from the top. Thus, bags are dispensed one at a time, rather than jointly, as our other model which uses bags perforated on a roll.

Our new line of bags discourages children and others from doing mischief by pulling several bags off at once to use as “kites” or to wrap them around trees. Although pet owners can still tear off as many bags as they need one-at-a-time (for example, to take them home in preparation for their next walk) the incentive for children and vandals to tear off many bags at once has been removed.

The containers for these single-bag dispensers have the same dimensions as our other dispensers. Only the lid has been modified in order to facilitate a change to single-bags for those companies which previously installed Dogi-Dogi containers with bag-rolls, but want to switch to the single-bag dispensers.

It is powder coated on the outside and continues to be available in light green, hunter green or stainless steel. Over 200 RAL colors are available for an additional fee.

Available in may-green and hunter-green.
Also available in all RAL colors. (Call 702.565.3233 for pricing)

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